season 2021 

show creation 

Corpeaurelles (Body-skin-them) in English "corporeal". "THEY" because they are women of different cultures to confronts their contrasted identities: Samantha Mavinga, Sarah Hajar Bouchrita, Raquel Suarez, and Hendrickx Ntela. "SKIN" because their skin color is black, amber and white that tells their origins: Congolese, Hispanic, Moroccan and Congolese / Angolan. Gestally, each one carries the memory of its traditions and its own character. "BODY" because they have a body in common that aspires to us. Solidarity, rebels and urban. The show is born of a statement and their desire to shake it. "Through our education and our environment, we are immersed in spite of ourselves in a system of beliefs, clichés, visions without always being aware that there are other influences to exploit. We are imbued with the conventions of education that made us grow, the experience and the experience that our parents gave us. This comfort zone, our ego or fear often prevents us from overtaking them. " They are urban dancers. They have refined their personal styles of Hip Hop, House, Breakdance, Krump, Kunduro and Afro House for years. By mixing their underground dances and their cultures of origin, "Corpeaurelles" is an awakening. It sharpens the movement's awareness of the influences that exist in their lives. Being in tune with herself allows them to get out of unconsciousness and connect with others. Their presence is one. From their mixture of cultures, influences and their assertive personality is born an osmosis. Their common energy explodes. They have been enriched by the knowledge of their bodies and their sharing. Now, stronger.